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Plating and ancillary processes:

Conversion Coatings:

Alkaline Oxidisation of Titanium
For bonding purposes.
Chemical Black
Black Oxide treatment of steel.
Dry grit blasting with alumina, wet blasting with alumina and plastic media for paint stripping. Dry blast large walk in room and other cabinets. Paint stripping small details. Wet blast 40cm x 40cm.
Chromating Aluminium
For both corrosion protection and electrical bonding. 5’ dia on engine line 2.4m on hard anodise line.
Bright Tin Plating
Bright acid tin plating.
Chromating Magnesium
Chromate of Magnesium – 75cm cube tank – for corrosion protection and paint face.
Bronze Plating
For salvage & nitride protection – 1.5m x 70cm dia.
Cadmium Plating
Nu-Pro Ltd operates four different cadmium plating solutions. Two are bright for copper, and low strength steels (<1100 MPa). One is dull for steels in the range 1100 MPa to 1470 MPa. The last one is Low Hydrogen Embrittlement (LHE) for ultra high strength steels such as 300M. Sizes - Bright, Cadmium 1.8m x 70 cm dia. Dull cadmium 2.2m x 70cm dia. LHE cadmium 1m & 1.8m x 70cm dia.

Anodising Processes:

Chrome Plating
Hard engineering chrome up to 3m long. Both of the lines are fitted with 250Kg cranes to enable larger parts to be handled.
Chromic Acid Anodising
Hard engineering chrome up to 3m long. Up to 1 tonne in 1.5m x 1.7m x 1m or 3m long on semi-auto line.
Cleaning Processes to support other operations.
Hard Anodising
To BS, Mil and customer standards – 2.4m lines – hard wearing surface and corrosion resistance.
Copper Plating
For heat treatment protection – 1.8m x 70cm dia.
Sulphuric Acid Anodising
To Defence and Mil standards – may be dyed.
Dull Nickel Plating
Sulphamate nickel plate. 1m x 60cm dia.
Dull Tin Plating
Dull acid tin plating and dull alkaline tin plating.

Inspection Processes:

Electroless Nickel Plating
Nu-Pro operate an electroless nickel facility that has the capability to offer electroless nickels from low to high phosphorus contents. Typically Nu-Pro operates with medium phosphorus content. The facility consists of two processing tanks, two storage tanks and a nitric acid tank for cleaning the processing tanks. This allows continuous operation.
Acid Etch Flaw Detection
For grinding abuse on steels, stainless steels and titanium. 75cm long x 30cm dia.
Gold Plating
Pure Gold 20 x 20 cm for electrical applications.
Anodic Flaw Detection
For machining abuse of aluminium and flaw detection. Up to 1 tonne in 1.5m x 1.7m x 1m or 3m long on semi-auto line.
Passivate Plate
Passivation of cadmium or zinc.
Conductivity Testing
For machined aluminium – not size dependent.
Passivation of Stainless Steel
Stainless steel passivation to a wide range of specifications. Nu Pro Ltd has three passivate solutions - A low temperature nitric acid in tank 18. A low temperature nitric in tank 408. A medium temperature nitric acid with added sodium dichromate in tank 73A. This meets QQ-P-35 type II, Def Stan 03-02 method M.
Fluorescent Penetrant Flaw Detection
Penetrant flaw detect level 2 & 3, post emulsified level 2 water wash.
Class 1 – iron manganese phosphate for holding lubricant for gears and corrosion protection & Class 2 – heavy weight zinc phosphate for corrosion protection and as a paint face.
Hardness Testing
Vickers and Rockwell.
Removal of Surface Treatments
Stripping surface treatments/coatings using various methods.
Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection
Benches up to 6’ bed 5,000 amps – includes de-magnetising, methods CF,TB, MF and Coil.
Silver Plating
Bright and Dull Silver Plating for electrical conductivity and anti-galling of stainless steel.
Visual Inspection
Inspection services for customers.
Zinc Plating
Zinc Plating then a coating using a range of passivates – also Zinc Nickel Alloy plating (6-15% nickel) – used as a replacement to Cadmium.

Other Processes:

Paint Processes:

Oven Treatments up to 550°C
<250°C – Lower temperature debrittlement / stress relief to support plating process. >250°C – Higher temperature oven treatments. e.g. hardening electroless nickel.
Dry Film Lubricant
Paint Shop facility to apply a dry film lubricant to extend the life of the metal and reduce squeaks.
Special Laboratory Processes
Fluoride Phosphate - small details. Other small special processes to customers’ particular requirements – e.g. blackening copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Adhesive etching preparation.
Paint and Primer application
Full paint shop capabilities for priming and top coat applications.
Other Services
Shot peen, heat treatment and other sub contract services - on behalf of the customer as part of the manufacturing process – hence speeding up turn round. Tooling and jigging - as required by customers Testing – for NADCAP accreditation maintenance Pre-Penetrant Etch – Etching parts before pen flaw detect to remove smeared material Nickel Strike – A pre-treatment to give adhesion to stainless steel substrates Repair – component repair where possible Back etch – for chrome which is shiny blue from machine abuse.

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